Matthias Friedrich

Matthias Friedrich is our man for all situations. After a remarkable career as the publisher of a schoolchildren's newspaper, he ran through most of the aspects of the entertainment industry: as projectionist in Munich's best cinema or as cutter for S&L, Bewegte Zeiten, 3sat and ZDF - whether on stage himself, in front of or behind a camera, as a prizewinning director and radio moderator, in the cutting room and the editorial office - he always seeks the new and cultivates the good, e.g. Kafka Kommunikation's network. In his position as Computer Chief, he patiently answers all our questions about themes such as RFTP, web application firewalls, vulnerability management and buffer overflow. He speaks Spanish, German and English in his leisure time. And when he's not peregrinating through distant lands, he can often be found spending time with his newest flame - the Alps near Munich.