Bastian joins as the second man at Kafka Kommunikation and as a member of the IT-security team. He brings with him plenty of professional experience as a consultant, editor and trainee at daily newspapers, PR agencies, event agencies and businesses. This native of Hamburg had repeatedly left the Far North for the Fair South of the Federal Republic, stopping in Kiel, Hamburg, Berlin and Freiburg along the way, before ultimately arriving in Munich. Insiders whisper that this academically trained historian has now finally stopped roaming and settled down. The only constant element in all this was and still is his fascination for themes related to IT and technology. His interests range from plasma televisions and smart meters, through smart-home systems and IPCs, to security software and time-management software. To avoid losing all contact with the sea, he regularly swims in Munich’s public pools and jogs along the shores of the Isar River.