Susanne Sothmann

Susanne Sothmann, who holds a diploma in business management, came aboard Kafka Kommunikation in August 2003. She has more than a decade of public-relations experience in the agency and business environment. Prior to joining Kafka Kommunikation, she was primarily responsible for taking care of businesses which had IT as their focal point. After university, she was initially active as a junior client consultant for enterprises in the business-to-business environment.

In 2000 Susanne Sothmann became a PR consultant at häberlein & maurer, where she was responsible for business-to-consumer communication for Lycos, Sonera zed,,,, Nespresso and other clients. At MindMatics, the mobile-marketing specialists in Europe, she was most recently director of corporate communication, in which capacity she was responsible for the setup of internal and external communication.