As a full-service agency, we take care of our clients in all areas of public relations, from the initial development of a strategy to its subsequent implementation. We distinguish among three areas: Corporate Communications, Media Relations, and Coaching.

Corporate Communications

How, and with which themes, does a business present itself to the public? A solid foundation of basic work is just as important as are creative ideas and their professional implementation.

An Overview of Our Services:

  • PR strategies, internal and external
  • Business positioning and market introduction
  • Product and business PR
  • Press events and presentations
  • Placement of experts
  • Trade-fair support
  • Event planning
  • Finding themes and ideas
  • Crisis communication

Media Relations

Good relationships to journalists are essential in order to bring a business into the press. Our PR agency engages in an ongoing dialogue with journalists and our clients. Over the years, we've earned a fine reputation as an agency which offers only relevant themes with genuine news value. That's the secret of our success.

An Overview of Our Services:

  • Press contacts
  • Press events and presentations
  • Drafting and editing press releases
  • User and background reports, commentaries
  • Placement of articles
  • Setting up target-group-specific mailing lists
  • Clipping service
  • Analyses of response
  • Designing PR calendars
  • Analysis of special themes

Social Media

No longer merely a lifestyle phenomenon, digital has become a way of thinking.

We assist our clients in ongoing dialogues with their target group in the social Web – because today’s businesses profit from direct communication with their target groups. And now, at long last, not only information is possible, but also interaction! This leads to a more active form of branding. That’s why we initiate, plan and steer our clients’ relationship management in social networks with communication that’s custom-tailored to suit each client’s target audience.

Credibility and authenticity always have top priority in all of the social-media measures that we implement. We communicate transparently and we live communication in Web 2.0 as an ongoing process.


We train and coach a business's managers and/or press spokespersons so they can deal professionally with journalists and the media. It's also important to be prepared in advance for difficult situations and to find the right tone when responding to critical or confrontational questioners. Direct contact with journalists enables a business to better convey complex themes, thus putting that business in a very good position.

An Overview of Our Services:

  • Comprehensive media training
  • Preparation for interviews
  • Do's and don'ts when dealing with the press
  • Professional camera and interview training

We've developed an effective training program to improve the writing skills of volunteers and junior-level employees.