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Our strength: Content at its best! Because regardless of whether it’s in print or online, nothing works without content. From articles, interviews and statements to technical whitepapers, blog posts, tweets, social posts and texts for websites, we create clear and convincing texts for products that require explanation. We also skillfully handle the planning and implementation of integrated communication strategies for your company and your solutions.

We prepare content so it tells your story. We ensure that your message reaches the right target groups. And we rely on trustworthy, long-term communication with customers, journalists, multipliers and associations.

Our creative content, communication strategies and successful press work have inspired companies in the IT, IT security, food and lifestyle sectors in Germany and abroad since 1999. Our sixteen dedicated PR professionals work on your behalf from Munich, Düsseldorf and Berlin. Serving as external colleagues, we dedicate ourselves with heart and passion to assuring your success. We utilize all digital channels, but we always keep our eye on the classic, crucial aspect: online and in-print reactions.

We have decades of experience and optimal contacts to media and multipliers. Our consulting approach is objective and proactive. We also coordinate additional communication measures in an interdisciplinary way, e.g. media planning, media training, trade fairs and events.


We create tailor-made communication concepts and we look beyond our horizons. We conduct lead-generation campaigns and organize successful virtual and on-site events such as influencer meetings, webinars, speaking opportunities or online conferences. We have organized one of the largest CSO events in the DACH region for nearly twenty years.

PR and Communication

This is where we score with strategic PR measures: for your target groups and for the multipliers inside and outside your company who are important for you.

First we analyze precisely, create clear messages for your brand, write inspiring texts and develop an intelligent, cost-conscious communication strategy.

  • PR strategy development & implementation
  • Company & product PR
  • Media relations
  • Agenda setting
  • Development of topics & trend themes
  • Scheduling of interviews & influencer meetings
  • Media planning
  • Performance measurement
Content Creation

We write valuable content that attracts attention and turns customers into loyal fans. With the right content, we create a connection between you and your target groups. We transform your ideas into inspiring words – especially for products that require explanation.

  • Articles
  • Interviews
  • Statements/ Rapid Responses
  • Press releases
  • Whitepapers
Social Media

Social media requires relevant content, good communication and fast response times. We support you in these interactions – with good planning and accurate steering to achieve an approach that’s is oriented toward your target group. Because credibility and authenticity are the top priorities in every social media measure that we implement.

  • Strategy & concept development
  • Blogger & influencer relations
  • Content planning & management
  • Social advertising & monitoring
  • Lead-generation campaigns
  • Setup & management of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, XING groups, etc.
  • Social media campaigns

In times of digitalization, companies are directly in the public eye. We recommend comprehensive media training so you can respond to media enquiries with confidence and competence. This enables all responsible individuals to feel self-assured and secure, even when responding to challenging or critical questions.

  • Simulation & language training
  • Professional camera & interview training
  • Question & answer sessions (Q&As)
  • Social media training
Crisis Communication

Every crisis is also an opportunity! And we prepare you for it. Because those who are well prepared are already more than halfway to success. That is why early recognition of an impending crisis is our primary focus at the start. To ensure that this succeeds, we plan and prepare appropriate proactive responses. These increase the likelihood of avoiding damage caused by mistakes in communication. We monitor the online and offline platforms of all relevant stakeholders and topics so we can act precisely and quickly if and when an emergency arises.

  • Risk analysis
  • Crisis-management concepts
  • Conception of social media & online guidelines
  • Media training
  • Contingency planning, handbooks and question-&-answer sheets (Q&As)
  • Monitoring & evaluation

We take over the planning, coordination and handling of events and trade fairs, and we kickoff your event with strong media impact. Active PR for events and trade fairs keeps journalists from the general-interest and trade press well informed about new, relevant topics and offers. We bring your event to everyone’s attention and ensure that it remains in their memories. Our service covers all steps from the initial idea and concept, through the detailed planning, to the final implementation.

  • Location scouting
  • Trade fairs & construction of trade-fair stands
  • Roadshows
  • Awards & contests
  • Conferences
  • Influencer meetings
  • Customer events
  • Speaker placement
  • Virtual Events
  • Webinars

News from the Kafka Kommunikation team

Die DE-Mail war ein ambitioniertes Versprechen für die digitale Zukunft Deutschlands. Sie sollte ein starkes Signal senden und eine verlässliche und vor allem sichere Alternative zum traditionellen Brief in Papierform bieten.

Die neue Funktion sorgt dafür, dass die Endgeräte immer die neuesten Patches erhalten, um das Risiko von Angriffen wie Ransomware zu verringern

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International Network

Kafka Kommunikation is part of an independent international communications network and works internationally on behalf of many companies. Kafka Kommunikation maintains long-term partnerships with independent agencies worldwide. For the DACH region, we often serve as lead agency.

An enthusiastic team
is the basis for our success

We have a terrific team of dedicated communication professionals and we are very happy about that! We work hand in hand – not only in our agency, but also with our consulting clients. We are success-oriented and creative. And we cultivate long-term and trusting relationships with our consulting clients.

Ursula Kafka - Executive Partner

Ursula Kafka

Executive Partner

Susanne Sothmann - Executive Partner

Susanne Sothmann

Executive Partner

Dr. Bastian Hallbauer-Beutler - Senior Account Executive

Dr. Bastian Hallbauer-Beutler

Senior Account Executive

Claudia Leupold - Senior Account Executive

Claudia Leupold

Senior Account Executive

Mona Bastian - Account Executive

Mona Bastian

Account Executive

Mark Geiger - Account Executive

Mark Geiger

Account Executive

Bernadette Schichl - PR-Assistant

Bernadette Schichl


Dorothee Ruhl - PR-Assistant

Dorothee Ruhl


Claudia Rayling - Redakteur

Claudia Rayling


Dr. Torben Gülstorff - Redakteur

Dr. Torben Gülstorff


Nikolaj Czerwonka - Junior Account Manager

Nikolaj Czerwonka

Junior Account Manager

Markus Reck - Junior Account Manager

Markus Reck

Junior Account Manager

Lukas Reck - Junior Account Manager

Lukas Reck

Junior Account Manager

Fabian Haid - Junior Account Manager

Fabian Haid

Junior Account Manager

Noel Lach - Trainee

Noel Lach


Fabian Thanner - Trainee

Fabian Thanner


Antje Herbig - Office Managerin

Antje Herbig

Office Managerin

Amelie Kafka - Trainee

Amelie Kafka


Friederike Beissert - Trainee

Friederike Beissert


Bilka - Chief Security Officer


Chief Security Officer

Bruno - Chief Searching Officer


Chief Searching Officer


as exemplary entrepreneurs by the Federal Ministry of Economics

The Federal Ministry of Economics commended Susanne Sothmann and Ursula Kafka as exemplary entrepreneurs. This commendation was in recognition of their contributions to sustainable training, the creation of secure jobs, and the promotion of young women. Both managing directors are also dedicated multipliers for the profession of female entrepreneurs: in this context, they give lectures at universities and schools, where they inspire students and schoolchildren to pursue careers as entrepreneurs.

These clients appreciate our PR and have worked together with us for many years

Corporate Communications I Product Communication I Brand Communication I Media Relations I Media Training I Trade Fairs I Events – Online and On-site I Social Media I Sales Support I Lead Generation I Channel Support

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