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If you’re looking for an internationally active, adaptable, owner-managed agency to support you in all tasks related to communication with customers, journalists, multipliers or associations, then you’ve come to the right place.

With convincing communications strategies and successful press work, our company has sparked enthusiasm among companies in Germany and abroad since 1999. We serve as external colleagues who passionately and intelligently devote our hearts and minds to your success. We provide content for all digital channels, but we always also keep a close eye on classical and important online and print media.

Based on your specific objectives, we design custom-tailored PR concepts for your company or your products in the B2B or B2C area. We specialize in themes related to IT, IT security, food, lifestyle, and online. We see ourselves as your expanded PR and press department.

We have decades of experience with media and multipliers, with whom we cultivate the best contacts. We pursue an objective and proactive approach to consulting, so we also think ahead to assure interdisciplinary coordination of our communications measures, e.g. trade fairs or special events.

At our headquarters in Grünwald (near Munich, Germany), eleven communications professionals work wholeheartedly and passionately for large and small businesses from around the world. Kafka Kommunikation also participates in a longstanding global network of partner agencies.

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Softshell Vendor Award 2019 – Airlock erneut mit Gold ausgezeichnet

Zum dritten Mal in Folge darf sich Airlock eine Security Innovation der Ergon Informatik AG auf die Schulter klopfen. Im Rahmen des Softshell Vendor Awards erhielt die schweizerische IT-Sicherheitslösung die Bestmarke ...

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Keine Angst vor manipuliertem Apple-Ladekabel dank Zero Trust Network Access

Auf der DefCon 2019 sorgte der Auftritt des Hackers Mike Grover für Unbehagen. Er hat ein manipuliertes Apple-Lightning-Kabel erfunden, dass er bereits seit einiger Zeit in Eigenproduktion über seinen Online-Shop verkauft ...

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Ideas aren't born in the isolation of a lonely room. Ideas come to life through intensive, cooperative encounters between us and our clients.

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