Since 2011, Thomas Langsch and Beate Blank from Munich have provided assistance to Emanuel Musoke, his wife Goretti and their AIDS orphanage in Uganda. The two Germans gave official standing to their commitment in 2009 with the founding in Munich of “Hand in Hand for Uganda,” a registered nonprofit organization.

The principal objective of “Hand in Hand for Uganda” is to provide assistance for AIDS orphans in Uganda. Emanuel Musoke, who lived in Germany for three years, was one of Thomas Langsch’s students. After leaving Germany and returning to his homeland, Musoke has taken care of over 200 AIDS orphans. Many other projects (e.g. renovating a school, establishing a general store and setting up an Internet café) have already been successfully completed. Further projects await financial support!

These children, whose parents died from AIDS, depend upon your help! Small amounts of money and effort can achieve tremendous results! Please help us by joining or becoming a regular donor to the “Hand in Hand for Uganda” nonprofit organization. You’ll contribute toward a brighter future for thousands of AIDS orphans by helping to satisfy the basic human needs for food, clothing, medical care and education. Even small contributions are extremely helpful and most welcome!

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